Married with two sons & daughter and four grandchildren. Home: Central Kansas.


BusinessComputer Applications, e-Marketing,
e-Commerce and Leadership.

I own Writer's BBS a writer's website with a web presence of over 14 years, 50+ forums and one million hits a month.

eBay Certified Education Specialist

Conducted eBay Workshops: Through Small Business Development Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development, Central Kansas Library Service
in over 50 small towns across Kansas

Published: McCalls, Better Homes and Gardens, Crafts n' Things, Crafts Magazine, Trade publications

usiness was featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Midwest Living Magazine. PBS Craft documentary, ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates.


Lorrie, Norrington,Joyce and John Donohoe CEO of eBay

I love eBay and it's been good to me


Rural Economic Development the eBay Way
eBay Certified Education Specialist: Offering workshops and consultations to assist in ebay market entry of nearly 200 million potential customers.

I love eBay and eBay has been good to me. My first eBay auction bid came when I discovered the site in December of 1996.

That was when I first logged on to the Internet via a dial-up connection. (It was slow 14.4.bps) Alas, my first efforts were not successful, I tried to bid but my server would stall and sit idle for 20 minutes or longer. By the time it was live again, the auction was over and my bid lost. I stuck with it and began selling in 1998 when my granddaughter moved in and made her home with us.

In 1998 Beanie Babies were hot and I bought and sold full time for about two years. It was tremendously successful for me and I was one of the first round of Power Sellers. A lot of Beanie Babies were moved from Russell, KS across the USA and the world. Best part? I could stay home and take care of my granddaughter and do it from a town of 5000 people in central Kansas. My family and I operate several eBay businesses. My son buys and sells Mercedes, sailboats and airplanes on eBay. We have also sold high ticket items such as Hummels, Sterling flatware, diamonds, etc.


I encouraged others to tap into the potential of eBay as a business and in 2004 I completed the eBay Education Specialist program and began teaching in rural communities across Kansas.

When I discovered the opportunity to become an eBay Education Specialist--I was excited. Teaching people how to have fun and make money on eBay...what an incredible opportunity. October 2004 I was flown to eBay Corporate (one of 20 selected nationwide) to be trained for their Holiday Helper program.

January 2005 I was flown to New Orleans to be trained for the eBay University pool of instructors to teach eBay nationwide.

In February 2005 I was one of 10 nationwide to be flown to eBay Corporate to particpate in eBay Community Voices program.

I believe that eBay can provide solutions for people in every nook and cranny of the United States. It opens the eCommerce door to opportunites that were expensive and difficult to access in the past. But the most exciting thing is. It is a level playing field with little risk to try. The best of all worlds in developing an online business.

There are three generations of my family selling and buying on eBay. My son buys and sells and my granddaughter at this time is a buyer

I buy and sell collectibles, particularly vintage nativity sets. I love Christmas. It has been a passion for my family for 40 years. Collecting is a year round pursuit and decorating the house a major feat. Since I am located in rural America, eBay is often my only choice for buying my collectibles.

I have found that people turn to eBay when they cannot find something in their local market base. eBay businesses create income and resources for small communities and help them expand into a world wide market.


eBay Seller since 1998, eBay Certified Education Specialist since 2004.

Owner and CEO Antage Corporation 1991 - 2002.

Wheatcraft Inc. from 1980--1992 received a $230,000 Economic Development Grant for expansion.

Owned and operated Banbury Cross Floral shop and Greenhouses 1970--1980..

Administrative Board TUMC (Trinity United Methodist Church)
Board of Arts Council

Founding Member:
Student Advisory Council to the Dean of Business and Leadership School. Fort Hays State University.

Founder National Assn. of WheatWeaving (NAWW)

National Honor Society

Served on the board and selection committee for the first Kansas Crafts directory sponsored by the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Board of DIrectors of the National Home Based Business Conference:
Sponsored by Small Business Administration (SBA), Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) and Department of Commerce.


eBay Served me Breakfast in Bed December 2005

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